Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm craving color...

Is it just me that wishes her closet
wasn't half as full of blue jeans as 
it is? I don't know if it's the glimmer of 
warmth that's been coming and going over the 
past few weeks but man I want color...
and lots of it!

Can be found at Old Navy

Can be found at Forever 21

Can be found at Kohl's and they are on Sale and
come in about 8 cool colors and patterns!!

These can also be found at Kohl's

Love love love the yoga wear they offer
here at this super cute etsy shop purushapeople
Need these ones, they are definitely a little pricey,
but I bet they are worth it! :)

Can be found at Forever 21

I so love these pops of color! Don't be afraid
of color!! Just make sure to have a "pop"
and not a full blown explosion! :)

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