Friday, March 22, 2013

Sleep deprived and I feel fine...

So last night, it was the weirdest thing.
I fell asleep around midnight only to wake 
up very alert to the fact that I was late 
for work only to realize it was 1:20 am. 
This continued in 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour 
intervals until ultimately, it was actually
time to get up for work. The weird part is
that I feel very energized this morning and
in the past when this has happened to me it
normally stays that way throughout the day! 
So it's kind of a good thing I guess since my 
momma and my step dad are headed here as I 
type! :) That could actually be the reason I
didn't sleep much. Subconscious excitement!
Is this like a rem cycle thing? Because I 
never reached it, it was just like taking 
several power naps in a row? Guess we will 
never really know but boy am I feeling

And on to the fun stuff!
So here is a video of my silly, silly
pup eating a strawberry...

There's something so human about the way
he takes bites of it!! Makes me laugh!
He's such a funny guy! I think he likes
fruit more than anything else! Odd but
a healthy pup I guess... 

Happy Friday my friends!

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