Monday, March 25, 2013

This weekend...

We. Had. Fun.
My momma and pops were here!
We ate.
We shopped.
We laughed.
We shared a banana split. (My momma and me)
I am so blessed to have the family that I have. I 
sure am a lucky girl. :)
My momma
 Pops! (Ricky)

On Sunday after lunch they headed back home since
it takes a little over six hours to get there. :(
Ryan took me on an adventure to cheer me up! 
We went to Plano Pets where we saw some cute little 
pups, one of which ended up getting a pretty good 
hold on Ryan's hoodie, so funny...wish I would have 
gotten a pic of his alarmed expression.
We browsed the disc golf discs at Play it Again...
Best place we went was definitely the unfinished furniture was packed full of the most beautiful pieces of
furniture I've ever laid my eyes on. By the time we left
we were being called "the dreamers" by the staff. :) 
That's really what we are. A couple of dreamers. 
I'm so blessed we found each other! Husband...
I wanna dream with you everyday for the rest of 
this thing we call life. 

(Just a couple a weirdos is what we are!)

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