Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby brain...

Ok mommas out there...
Where and when should I expect baby brain?
Mine has failed to arrive. Uh-oh. Big uh-oh
considering my sweet hubby's baby brain is 
going on about a year old.
All of my friends either have a baby
or are definitely experiencing some form
of baby brain...
I've been married for almost four years, been 
with my hubby for over 10 and I am 26 years old. 
Every now and then I think "a baby would be nice",
 but it's mostly in context to a cute outfit I come 
across or a cute baby or when I see my husband 
do something unbelievably tender or heartfelt
and then I think "I cant wait to see this guy 
be a dad" because he will be a GREAT one! 
I have all these worries, like; we should 
definitely wait until husband has his 
career going, we should wait until we have 
two sensible cars instead of one sensible 
one and one sports car with an itty bitty 
backseat. Our finances aren't in the right 
place for a baby. I'm still too selfish. 
Apartment life with a baby would be hard.
I know I'm thinking too much, I'm analyzing
something that cant be analyzed. There is
never the right time for a baby just like 
there is never the right time for a wedding.
Am I right mommas?
Well baby brain...wherever you are, come when 
your ready, I'll try not to use my Jedi mind
tricks to block your way. 

Just saw this after I posted this, had to
add funny and relevant!


  1. In my humble/some what experienced opinion your baby will come when y'all are both ready. Babies are a bigger responsibility then most people think. The days of going and doing as you please or just picking up and being spontaneous are few and very, very far in between. God knows when you will become a momma, and your husband a daddy. It's a wonderful thing. Just enjoy time with your husband being just the two of you, once you have a kiddo the only time you really get to be alone is when you are going to bed.

    1. Yea, that amount of responsibility does weigh heavy on my heart just being around my nephews and my god daughter. It almost overwhelms me. lol. Sounds silly, but true nonetheless. Thank you for the kind words! :) So when I'm ready, I'll just know I'm ready is what your saying! I can deal with that! :)