Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Two things Tuesday...one good, one bad...

The Good
RUSK Thermal Shine Spray
(Can be found here)

I love this stuff! My hair can be a horrible mess
(usually because I went to bed with wet hair) and I 
just spray a few sprays of this over the entirety of 
my hair,brush and flat iron and we are in business! 
Shiny, shiny and seriously straight! Plus it protects
your strands from the heat, can't get any better than
that right? Only one downside, every time I use it,
no matter how long its been since I maybe sprayed 
two sprays...my husband coughs very dramatically
or says his eyes burn. So he's not a fan. I used 
it this morning...Sshhhh...

The bad
I'm so sorry from the bottom of my
stupid forgetful heart for letting it 
slip my mind that I was supposed to meet 
my sweet friend after work yesterday. I hate
that I let my crazy, control freak self get in 
the way of my self that is someones friend. I'm 
terribly mad at myself, so If anyone needs me, I'll
be the really mad at myself girl that is really mad
at herself. Yea...over here. Ugh. Forgive a spacey 

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