Thursday, April 18, 2013

I pledge...

I have always been aware that life can be 
short. Because I'm one of those people that
assumes they are going to be a statistic.
I can always see the worst possible outcome
of every situation. 
But I am blessed that I am able to see a 
silver lining or see the good in any situation 
or person. I think God gave me that gift as a way 
to comfort not only myself but those around me.
I have unfortunately been around for the 
Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, Columbine and 
Katrina. More recently; Aurora, Sandy Hook,
multiple other shootings in schools, coffee
shops, funeral homes, random senseless shootings,
natural disasters, the Boston Marathon and the
explosion in West, Texas just yesterday.

My heart and prayers go out to all those 
affected by any of these tragedies.

So today, I make a pledge, several in fact!
Life is short, so...


To always turn up my music real loud
in my little Honda Fit and enjoy dance
parties with the love of my life or
by myself! Even if the car next to me 
is looking and/or laughing!
These are some of my favs!
Car Dance Party it up y'all!!

To stop being so hard on myself...
God made me just how he wanted me,
he made you just how he wanted you too!

     ▲Proof that we don't see what   everyone else sees!

Be you. Be every version of yourself

To try my hardest to stop texting while
driving. You would think the horror stories
you hear of people dying or being badly injured
would stop me. Or being hit by a texter (my guess) 
while at a complete stop, and being pretty sure my 
neck will never be the same.
But it doesn't seem to stop me. That my friends,
makes my chances of not getting to continue 
enjoying this life a little slimmer! 

To always have at least one bite of whatever I
am craving, sometimes I will have the whole 
thing...because I want to!

To always forgive. I find that without forgiveness,
we are left with no closure and either anger or
sadness. I prefer to forgive and move on. Makes my
life better and less stressful!

To wear whatever I think is cool even if I'm the 
only one who does! That's how I roll!

To always say funner and costed. :)

To always stare at my husband like I creepily 
have since the first day we met. The boy is cute,
sometimes it's hard to break away!!!
I mean...

To always watch chick flicks! That's feel
good funny for my soul. I yearn to see the 
good in life every single day! Even if it is
scripted! :)

There's more for sure but that is for another
day! Can I hear some of yours?

It's almost Friday!                                                                                                          

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