Friday, April 19, 2013

The doors...

I love me some The doors you guys!
That was one awesome band and when 
I listen to them I'm pretty sure I shoulda
been a teenager when they were around. The
husband introduced me to them. And I'll have 
you know I bought this▼ shirt and cut it to 
my specifications which I do often and have
had it for years. Randomly last year the 
husband accuses me of taking his DOORS shirt
and cutting it up. I was so very happy to
find said shirt hanging with his others
and rub it in his gorgeous face! 

So anyways, this is what I rocked on
Date Night last week! I like to go 
a little edgy with messy hair, a not
stolen band tee, acid washed skinnies,
and of course my super cool slapper 

Happy Weekend!!!

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