Monday, April 22, 2013

This a blurry eyeshadow tutorial...

I spent some much needed time with my husband!
 He even came with me on my date with the genius
 bar! Hello replacement phone! :) Spent quite a 
bit of time trying to reload all my apps and 
junk because Mr. Genius man didn't want me to
 use my backup because he figured it would cause 
the same issues on my new phone! Went to
 downtown Dallas with a friend in search of 
info for an open casting call. Mostly drove 
around trying to park. :) Churched it up,
lunch with great friends, went on an ice 
cream mission, Success! 
And finished the evening off with a chilly
walk at the park with my two boys, then me 
and the furry boy watched the gorgeous boy
throw discs for a bit aaaaaaand 
Potato Soup!!
Good Weekend if I do say so myself!

I even had time to make you a super 
unprofessional, blurry, iPhone recorded
 eyeshadow tutorial!

How was your weekend?