Friday, April 5, 2013

I ran for my sanity...

My husband asks me on the regular if I would like 
to go workout with him. Usually the day before to 
which I say yes and immediately begin thinking up 
ways to get out of said workout.
So he asked me Wednesday, and as I sat here at my
desk Thursday pondering excuses as to why I could 
not go, I realized...I kinda wanted to go. 
What's that about?
So I text him around lunch and said, "I'm pretty 
sure I do wanna workout. :)" See how I still kinda
left it non-committal? Clever aren't I? To which I
got a "K" response, meaning he didn't believe me at 
all...and with good reason. 
However when I got home, I put on my workout gear 
and we went to workout. 
My "workout" usually consists of 10 minutes of 
cardio, followed by a mix of very light free weights
and some Pilates/yoga strength training.
So I jumped on the elliptical for my 10 minutes of
cardio, when finished, I decided to stray from my normal 
routine and finish up walking on the treadmill because
let's face it...I'm lazy.
As I began walking my body called out to me, "RUN 
Annie RUN, we need to RUN!!!!" To which I thought
yea okTurns out when I've had a stressful week
 my body will let me run a quarter mile without my 
asthma lungs sayin' a thing. Thanks body. And 
thanks asthma lungs, I still don't like you but I 
appreciate you taking one for the team.

Also my hair looked like this before I changed
into my workout clothes...
 So yea.

Happy Weekend!!

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