Thursday, April 11, 2013

My mini meltdown brought to you by Leonidas Coble...

It started out as a normal evening...
Come home from work, smell stinky but 
pretty much empty trash fragrance when I 
walk in apartment, decide to walk the pup
 for hubby and throw perfectly good trash 
bag full of said stinky trash, then feed 
Part usual, part unusual...part?
Leo does this thing where he's eating his
dinner and hears some not possible for
humans to hear noise to which he barks
mid swallow, chokes a bit and then
finishes dinner. So I hear the normal 
bark choke which is then followed by not 
normal more choking, followed by the most 
horribly sad pup pleas with almost no 
breathing pup noises. 
My heart stops.
I run back into the living room to find
a shaking pup with watery eyes and no 
sign of breathing, but tons of signs of 
panic. To which I join in immediately.

Ever tried to give a dog the Heimlich?
Yea, me too.
Ever cried while trying to give a dog
the Heimlich?
Yea, me too. 
Ever stuck your finger down a dogs throat
to dislodge stuck food?
Yea, me too.

I love you my little Leo, I'm so glad 
your ok and you make me so darn mad
sometimes but I found out yesterday
that I love you more than I've ever

 My boys!
One of my favorite dogstagrams!

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