Thursday, May 9, 2013

That one time I won those leggings...

There was this one time I entered a legging
giveaway over at Robyn's blog (she's one of my 
two fav bloggers!). And I won!! Check these bad 
boys out! I love me a great tie-dye legging. 
And why shouldn't I?! This is how I wore them!

Isn't my hunny getting good with our 
camera? Much better than me, every time
I take a picture with that camera, it's
blurry or too dark. I don't think I'll be 
a photographer when I grow up.

If you love these leggings...go here and 
get yourself some. There are some Navajo 
ones I'm hoping to get my hands on!!*

*Not a sponsored post! (Just a thankful lover of
free awesome leggings!!)