Thursday, May 30, 2013

The following is a true story...

We came home exhausted with a Honda FIT
full of stuff on Memorial Day at midnight.
Someone was in my covered parking spot. How
can this be? 
Unload car at curb, park car, call courtesy 
officer to make him aware of mysterious parker.
Sleep like a rock, wake up like a zombie.
Yay! Car is gone!
Go to work, return from work around 6...
Same car parked in my spot.
Park a bazillion miles away from apartment,
trek to apartment, call courtesy officer,
car never leaves spot. Boo.
Wake up rested because hubby forced me to 
sleep at 10 pm (Best hubby ever!!!)
Yay! Car is gone!
Call office to make sure car will not be
there when I get home late from work/youth
church around 9. Office informs me mysterious
parker was well aware by the afternoon of the
second day that the spot they were in was in
fact reserved...
Long. Long day. Get home, spot is open!!!!
Park, go to grab mail...pretty pleased with
myself. Phone rings. Husband says dog has
either thrown up or pooped in kennel which he 
has sadly been in majority of day and is 
covered in it.
Victory. Short. Lived. 
Sometimes you just have to laugh. 

Here's to my pup who is currently
running wild in our apartment unsupervised
May your parking spot always be open.
It's almost Friday!


  1. Lol, I liked this post. I also liked the tribal leggings above it. =)

    1. Thanks Jesse!! :) All of their leggings are super cute!!! If only money really did grow on