Friday, May 31, 2013

Things I need but mostly just want because I want them and such...

Don't I have a birthday sometime this year?
Because I think I'm slightly obsessed with 
all things offered over at StyleLatelyThey 
have the cutest stuff and I cannot stop wanting 
all of it! Help me...I mean really, this is
what I get for reading awesome blogs with 
awesome sponsors. A rather large WANT list!

I want...

(Can be found here)
Let's admit it, that boy with the blonde
hair...he is definitely the french to my 
toast. Or maybe I'm actually the french to 
his toast. I'm told I might have some french
in my ancestry, so lets go with that. Either 
way, me wants my precious!

(Can be found here)
How perfect is this dress? It's summery,
it's tribal inspired, it needs me, I need 
it. This needs to happen.

(Can be found here)
Adorable shirt dress in yo face! Plus, I
mean, how cute? I'm pretty grateful to wake 
up to that hubby of mine's cute face every
darn day! Some kind of blessed over here!

(Can be found here)
Um...yea, I need these. Like really
need...ok...I want, like really want 
these beauties. And rightfully so...
I am part Aztec Indian am I not? I 
see moccasins in my near future...

The moral of the story is...the husband should
probably take away my Internet access and maybe
that magic plastic debit card in my wallet. How
do those things work anyway? :)

Happy Friday!!!
*Not a sponsored post*

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