Monday, June 3, 2013

This weekend...

This weekend started off really lovely when I opened
my mailbox on Friday after work to find my Annieversary 
That husband of mine is like candy mixed
with Dr Pepper mixed with Thai food. All
the best things that guy. :)

Then Saturday...

 This bun happened for like 2 minutes.
 This omelette at our apartment brunch 
took forever but was so worth the wait!
And then...A BBQ!

Some Boccie Ball action!

Ever played Halo on an entire wall?
Husband has and he's addicted...

 Sunday Funday...

Church First...

Then...lunch with the girls and some much 
needed sun and girl time by the pool. The
weather was perfect...

The boys decided to go for a dip after 4 hours 
of Disc Golf. That dip lasted about 5 minutes 
because the water was practically freezing! 
I'm not gonna lie, it was fun and funny 
to watch...

 Good weekend! Now for a good week! :)
How was your weekend?

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