Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The new guy at work...

So there's this new guy that started working
 at my company this week. And I kinda, sorta
think I'm in love with him. I mean, he's 
definitely my type, blonde hair, hazel 
eyes, he's even got one of those cool 
haircuts some guys have. He smiled at 
me today and I nearly fell over...
Then one of the guys from IT came and 
told me he thinks this guy likes me and
that maybe we should go on a date. Then
the new guy asked me out...and I obviously 
said YES.

I figured you would wanna see what he 
looks like and I happen to have a few 
pictures I took of us before we met.
What are the chances? Some girls
really do have all the luck...

He's cute...I think I'll keep him!

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