Thursday, May 16, 2013

I think me and food have a love thing going on...

I do this thing where I think about all
the places I grew up eating at in Amarillo. Places 
I no longer have access to at a whim like I once
did. I do this more than I'd like to admit.

I think about the cheese fries at Buns Over Texas.
The tea at both Water Still and Buns Over Texas.
I think about how all the people in this big city
are in this feud about whether Chipotle is better or
Freebirds. When what they really don't know is that
while Chipotle is better than Freebirds (had to),
it ain't no Sharky's!!! That my friends is the best
burrito place in existence. 
I think about those amazingly unhealthy burgers at
Arnold's Burger.
I miss those Ms Piggy's frosted sugar cookies with
all my heart!! 

I used to miss Rosa's Cafe, but guess what? I got
 my very own Rosa's Cafe right here in Frisco 
these days! :)

But then I started thinking...If I moved away from 
I would miss those amazing burgers and the homemade 
root beer at Twisted Root.
The spinach and artichoke dip at PaneVino
Raising Canes...oh my...
Knowing, that although I don't go often, Sprinkles
Cupcakes is in reach!!
Rusty would I live without your tacos?

Thankfully most everyone has SAM's Club so my 
cheap, delicious pizza obsession is safe!

How's that for the most pointless blog post
you have ever read? And now...
I'm hungry! 

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