Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer must haves...

Summer is both my favorite and my 
most hated season of the year. 
I love it because it isn't cold, there are 
long walks with my two favorite boys, ice 
cream actually sounds good (normally not 
so much), swimming, swim suits, tan lines, 
and  longer days of glorious sunshine!
I hate it because of my ongoing feud with
all wasps in my general area, the humidity,
the fact that I can't talk the hubby into 
eating stew, soup or chili allllll summer. 
Three of my favorite things no matter what 
season it is!
It seems like if we had a scale here, it would 
be tipping in the direction of love for summer!
 You know, a pros/cons kinda situation!
I thought I would share with you some of
my wants/needs/must-haves of summer...

Must Have a super cute bathing suit or six!

(Find cuties like these at Target)

Every girl needs that go to t-shirt or
tank top! I think I found the softest
and prettiest ones ever! And surprise! 
They are at American Eagle, I don't 
think I have ever found anything I 
wanted so much in American eagle. Or
anything really...Once you feel these
beauties, you will see why I'm swooning!

I just plain want these MIDI shorts from
AE...who wouldn't?

Colored shorts and boyfit shorts? You
done good AE, you done good!

Don't forget your awesome summer nail 
polishes, some of my favs for summer...

Sunset Orange

Dim Sum Plum (Similar to what is shown)

And finally for a safe and effective gradual
tan try...
Don't forget your sunscreen and by all means,
don't forget to invite me to all of your cookouts
and swim parties!!! :) 

Happy Friday and Happy Summer!!

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