Monday, May 20, 2013

This weekend...

We started the weekend off by picking up my 
beautiful, sparkly girl from the jeweler!

We browsed a little since we were already
at the mall. Then, I went home and painted 
my nails. I was inspired by these awesome 
jeans at Forever21!

Then Saturday morning, something super cool 
and unexpected happened!! I got an invite 
to audition for a TV Show that I had heard
about recently and sent in a headshot! I
was so excited and nervous and a little
overwhelmed considering I was pretty sure 
I wasn't going to be auditioning since I 
knew the audition was being held on 
Saturday and until Saturday morning, I 
hadn't heard anything. So I quickly got
ready, sent a headshot over to CVS to be
printed and we headed on our way!
Here's a few pics I shot from the day!

 Headshot and resume-
 Freak out and audition for a TV Series-

Whew! That was pretty cool! Maybe I will hear
something back! That would be super amazing!
The husband got to watch and he said I did 
great and I seemed calm, which is funny to me
because I felt like I was shaking so hard, it
was likely visible. The creator seemed engaged
in conversation with me which felt like a good
sign! I guess we will see! Even If nothing 
comes of it, that was one of the scariest and
coolest things I've ever done!! I wanna do it

Then this cute boy did some amp dreaming and
he looked darn good doing it!

And I found these babies!!! Yum Yum Yum!!
Yea...that's picture worthy in my book! It was
the watermelon on top of my fruit salad weekend.
If you know me, you know I love me some fruit

And now to end this book of a post...
Day one of Annie-versary Week!!!
I love you so bad husband! And you know what?
I married you because I love you AND that way I 
can kiss you whenever I want! :) And that's 

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