Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chambray with white jeans...

How bad do I want to rock some white jeans 
with a chambray top you ask? I just spent
20 minutes looking at pictures of people 
wearing exactly that on Pinterest! There's
 something so incredibly casual but still so 
crisp and gorgeous about this combo. Don't 
get me wrong, I'm absolutely terrified 
of white jeans, I fall in the dangerously 
accident prone category. But this look, I
have to try. And I will. And soon, when I
find a pair of ridiculously cheap but cute
white jeans on sale. Then I would love
 nothing more than to share it with you! 

 Have you tried this look?? What do
you think. Please post links to your 
own blog if you have tried this look
or if you've seen someone else's who 
has! Also feel free to send links if 
you see a super cheap, good buy on 
white skinnies!

*All photos are from Pinterest*


  1. Replies
    1. Me too!! I feel like that would be most like my style out of all of these!