Friday, June 21, 2013

About those new glasses...

One day a few months ago, I was on Facebook when
an ad for LensCrafters 30 Days, 30 Gifts came 
up on my feed. It was a Pinterest contest
 for a gift certificate! So I entered because 
that's what I do. I enter contests. All 
contests. All the time. :) 
I got home a few hours later and checked my
email to find that I had actually won!! I 
won a 300 dollar gift certificate from them! 
And boy did I need new glasses!! About a year 
and a half ago I picked up a pair of bebe 
glasses with my insurance and although they
were adorable, they were heavy, like a brick
to the face those glasses were! 
So last weekend me and the blonde boy went on
a mission to find the perfect glasses for me!
The first LensCrafters we hit was a bust! I
didn't like a single pair in that store. So 
we headed to another mall to scope out their
 LensCrafters goods! The goods they had...In 
the form of an adorable pair of D&G's...
magical, beautiful love I felt for those 
babies! And the husband told me from the 
very beginning he thought I needed to get 
green glasses, the boy was right...kinda.

This is what I started with...
Super cute, but far from super comfy. 
Wish I had a DP right now. Mmmmmmm...

At the store I had a little Daria/
Marcie (Charlie Brown) moment...
Who buys these? Harry Potter? Maybe
they look super cool on someone who
isn't me...Maybe I'm the problem.

These my friends, are my new pretties, they
are so cute and they don't even weigh 400 lbs.

 They are more like turquoise really...
but he was pretty much right. :)

Lasik is a big goal for the future, but until 
then...these 5 dollar (what I paid over the 
Gift Certificate) Dolce&Gabanna's are making 
this girl pretty happy...

Cheers to us 4 eyed folks and
Cheers to Friday!!!
*Not sponsored, just grateful!*

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