Monday, June 24, 2013

This weekend....

Let's start with Friday, because I need to
tell you about my lunch...
Chili's Flatbreads, you guys...are amazing!!
I even had a coupon, so it cost me a whole
lotta nothing! Thanks Chilis!! Yum Yum!!
(I got the coupon by signing up for their
email club-just FYI)

As for the rest of the weekend...
The blonde boy's cousin was in town, so we ate a 
lot, we laughed a lot and we just had an all 
around great time! He made us some yummy 
stir fry...

It was delicious! Thank you soooo much
Michael! That was the first time anyone
besides me or the hubby has cooked in my
kitchen, I quite liked it, feel free to
repeat anytime! :)

Saturday I went to a super fun video shoot
and then spent a little time by the pool, 
while the boys took a Rahr&Sons tour they 
have been wanting to go on for the past 
3 years when Michael has come. Victory!

I'm not burnt, it just totally looks like
it in this picture!
 A little photo shoot with the pup on the patio
because...well have you met me?
That cute!!!

 Some Dave & Busters action to end the night...

On Sunday...
After church, lunch and some napping for me 
while the boys played disc golf, Michael 
headed back home to Amarillo and we headed
to a mini golf birthday party for Ronnie!

 Did I ever tell you about the time
when I was little and I really reared back 
on a putt because little kids do that and I 
smacked my sister in the face with my putter? 
Lots of blood. Ooooopppsss. So naturally I 
had to take this picture and send it to her
during the game. She quite enjoyed it, probably
immensely more than actually being putted in 
the face. Sorry about that Val, love you 

(Picture borrowed from Leslie)
Happy early Birthday Ronnie!!

How was your weekend?


  1. Yummy flat breads. I love the one you ate. My fav. Hm mm were quite a bit alike. Looks like a full weekend. Cant wait to see your video mag cover!

    1. That one is amazing!! I could eat that for like every meal!!! Yummy!!!! It was busy, but super fun! I'm pooped! Me too, I'm so excited! I'm August so you don't have to wait too long!!!