Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday randomness is appreciated...

And now for an original rap by yours truly:

Sorry that I've been MIA
Haven't had much to say
Been real busy with my Pity Partay!!!

Ha! I've been in a bit of a funk y'all. A funk
that just wont quit. I'm not gonna lie though, that
boy with the blonde hair...he is the best medicine.
Let me just say one word.
(If only you could all be flies on the wall)

Yesterday for throwback Thursday my sister posted
this little gem! I mean...
Gold, you guys, pure, shiny gold!
I wish I could show you some of the amazingly
hilarious music videos we used to record at
home to Hanson, Alanis, and Fiona. Among others.
You would be so jealous of how cool these three 
chicks were. Sadly, technology has come a long 
way, those videos are ancient. And my sisters
might not get as big a kick out of showing those
babies off. I have no idea why. Who doesn't want
to show themselves lip synching, air guitaring
and pillow drumming with the best of em?

Also Wendy's Frosty Cones make me this HAPPY...
That. Is. Pretty. Happy.

In other random news...
Who could possibly say Haley can't sing?


Happy Friday!

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