Monday, June 17, 2013

This weekend...

First things first right?
Father's Day!

So thankful for these two men in my life! 

This one here is my daddy! He's rugged, he's
tough, heck, he's a mountain man but he's also a 
 whole lotta sweet! I love our friendship and I feel
 blessed to call him mine! Love you my daddy!

This guy came along when I was about 9
years old. And he's been making me feel loved  
and like I was his little girl from the start! 
I love you pops, I wouldn't trade you for
 absolutely nothing!!

I feel blessed that God gave me two 
of the most wonderful guys in the whole 
world as my fathers. And would you believe 
on top of that I was touched by grace 
when that boy with the blonde hair came 
into my life? That boy is going to be a 
wonderful daddy!! Just ask this guy...
He'll tell you yes every time! 

And a BIG Happy Fathers Day to my father
in law Matt!!! We love you much and hope 
it was wonderful!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Boy did we run errands this weekend. 
Like it was going outta style. 

*I got new glasses!! More on that 
another day!
*I sent my sis a series of random pics...
this one being the "look how hot I am in
my messy bathroom" pic. Yea...that was 
share worthy. Your welcome...

*The Wonder Woman shirt in the previous
pic inspired this makeup business...

*We found our dream grill. I'm worried about 
melting issues here... :) 

 *And I found my inner "tool man" or maybe 
inner "tool woman" because I 

So was a lovely, successful 
weekend! How was yours??

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