Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday I ♥ you...

I never used to care for Friday all that much.
Me and Friday didn't bond at any particular time
in my life. I've mostly worked in restaurants 
since I was of age to work, and in the restaurant
business, there is really no such thing as weekends.
But ever since I've been working this 7:50 to 5:00
gig, boy oh boy, Friday cannot come fast enough. 

Friday means...

~Dates with the blonde boy♥
~Friend time
~Laying by the pool
~Eating yummy stuff (stuff tastes yummier 
on the weekends, am I right?)
~Nail polish
~Sleeping in on glorious Saturday

I love you Friday and I 
never wanna let you go!
Have a lovely weekend!

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