Thursday, July 11, 2013

Let's fold scarves...

Can't pass up a chance to quote Romy and
Michelle! Oh I can? I must have missed the 
post-it. Tee-hee.

So anyways, about these scarves. When it was
cold, I found this cool website that shows you 
different ways to tie your scarves! Well last
night I was wondering if there was a site like
that for tying different types of scarves on your
head. Because I've always been pro-tying scarves
 on your head you know? Well, Lo and Behold...the 
exact same website! Whodathunkit? It's called, they have a knot library. They 
show you how to tie all different types of 
scarves! I decided to try a few out last 
night! Don't worry, they aren't paying me, 
I did this just for you! :) 

This one is cute! 

Definitely not my favorite! But I probably
did it wrong or something...something being
the most likely of the two. Riiiight??

This one is cute but I didn't love what
 my hair was doing here.

Love this one!! 

Aaaaand The All Twisted Up
Not sure I quite got this one right, but 
I like it! I think it could be even better
with a little more practice! 

Tried it with a super skinny scarf and
 I think I like it even more!

And when it was all done I was left with new 
skills and a total Rosie the Riveter picture!

I know, hers was her front arm and she didn't 
have toilet paper neatly stacked in the 
background. I know, I know, but at least 
it's neatly stacked, am I right?

Now you try! I wanna see!!


  1. I love the scarves!
    And the toilet paper!

    1. Haha!! Thank you! My toilet paper loves you too! :)

  2. I have scarf tying things to learn from you. O.O Loving your Rosie the riveter look.

    1. :) Thank you!!! That website is seriously awesome!