Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July and DIY Star Shorts...

So I've been seeing these super cool 
star shorts everywhere and I have been 
wanting some of my own....

On a budget as I am, I figured I could 
Do It Myself! :) So I did!

Grabbed a pair of Levi's from my closet that
just have too much stretch. I never wear them
because of this.
And I got all brave and I cut em'!!
Here's my new shorts (I did sew the flaps
to keep them folded and in place)
and everything else I needed to complete this 
project! Shorts, sponge brush, stencil and 
fabric paint.

Make sure to go very easy on the fabric 
paint or it will smudge under the sides
of the stencil. And VIOLA!! Star shorts!!
At a seriously small fraction of the 
cost of buying them new in the store!

And a little of our July 4th!

 Hope you had a beautiful day with 
those you love