Monday, July 8, 2013

This weekend...

We did a whole lot of hanging out with good
 people! Some of these good people are not 
pictured because I don't always remember
to take pictures!! Darnit Annie!

 I painted my nails with my new polishes my sister
surprised me with for an early birthday present! 
And made the cute little heart with the nail
art polishes my dad sent me as an early birthday
 present. My birthday isn't until the beginning 
of August. I'd say I'm doing rather well already,
wouldn't you? :)

Saw this...
So stinkin' cute!!

*Side note: NEED to see this...
Preferably immediately...

Also, have I mentioned lately just how much
I love my friends? Gosh, it's insane how 
incredibly blessed we have been in the friend
department over the last few years! 

It was a wonderful weekend! 
How was yours?

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