Thursday, July 18, 2013

The 2013 ESPYs...

The ESPYs always bring out the oddest mixture
of athletes and celebrities. I'm always interested
 to see who they ask to hand out those awards
and what they are wearing!! 

My favorites of the night....

Malin Akerman
You are looking at a new momma here you 
guys! Doesn't she look amazing? That dress
is so cute. Love the deep V in the front 
paired with the longer length. Also I 
adore her makeup, she just looks sun-kissed
and beautiful! 

Katherine Webb
This girl might be famous because an old 
dude talked about how hot she is on national
 television, but gosh if she didn't live 
up to it! She is breathtaking and that 
dress fits her like a glove. The dress
is so flattering and her makeup is perfect!

Gabby Douglas
She looks so mature and beautiful! She definitely
picked the right dress, it fits her perfectly and
she stands out. Love this whole look on her!

Not my cup of tea of the night 
goes to...

Chrissy Teigen
This just seems too casual and just too yellow.
I don't know what it is but I just don't love it
for this event. It's not like I think she should
 be in a ball gown for the ESPYs but this just
 seems businessy and out of place. However, she
does look very pretty makeup and hair wise.

Honorable I cant decide if I like this 
or not of the night goes to....

Olivia Wilde

Should I love this? Because I kinda love this, but 
I kinda feel like I shouldn't love this. I'm semi
overwhelmed by my confusion. When I first glanced,
I thought "What is she wearing?" But then I thought,
"I wanna wear that" Just like that, I was sorta
in love with it. Help me...what do you think?

It's almost Friday!!


  1. I kinda like Olivia's outfit but it's throwing me off cuz it seems underdressed i think.

    1. I agree! But there is something so cute about it too!