Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tribal Cardigan wishin' in the summer...

So when it was winter, I had some cardigan
envy. I saw so many beautiful cardi's that 
 I wanted in my life. And I got to thinking
 that now would probably be the best time to 
look for one because it's the middle of 
summer. They have to be cheaper right now. 
Well I was sorta right. They are still a 
bit higher than I expected for right smack
 in the middle of July. But darn. They are 
sooooooo cute! A few examples of said 

I know. It's a little warm to be thinking 
about it. But wouldn't one of these just be
delicious by a fire or even on a cool summer 
night laying out with someone you love looking 
at the stars? Sign me up!

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