Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Two good things Tuesday...

KangaROOS Combat Sneakers
($45.00 here)
I don't have these ones exactly. Mine are kinda 
ancient, but you know, same idea. I adore mine.
They are comfy and I always get compliments on 
them, both pairs. Plus their slogan is the 
original shoes with pockets. I mean, they have
pockets. So cute or cool and manly if your a dude.
Don't worry dudes reading this, you can get 
yourself a pair too! Right here!

No, you didn't read that wrong. I did 
actually say...LOST. We devoted hours upon 
hours of our lives to this TV show some years 
ago. And you know what? I was left confused, 
unsatisfied and feeling the urge to hit play 
on Season 1, Episode 1 all over again. What 
did I miss? How is this possible? If I watch it 
again, will it make more sense? You know what? 
I have no idea, but I'm willing to try again.
It's just soooooo good and entertaining. If 
you haven't had the pleasure of this height 
of confusion, dive in, it's totally worth it.
I think. 

Happy Tuesday!! :)

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