Monday, July 22, 2013

This weekend...

Was a bluuuuuurrrrr...
It's already over? I think so, seeing as how 
I'm sitting at this desk I sit at Monday through
Friday. Whoa, it went by quick!! And whoa are me
and the blonde boy TIRED!!!! Almost 16 hours
in the car for me and about 12 for the hubby
between Friday and Sunday! Cray-cray.

The blonde boy's weekend consisted of digging 
through boxes of old stuff and realizing his 
hoarding ways. As well as giving me a shout 
out on facebook for being this girl...
I love the way he loves me. 

He found this one too...
I think I just fell in love all over again! 
Those glasses, I mean...
Seriously though, what a cutie!

Then he made me feel like a princess when he 
said he found some shoes I needed and sent me
this pic, so I could choose...
My goodness, I am blessed, blessed, blessed
with this boy! I made him choose. With the 
help of my sis-in-law, the bottom pair
are all mine!!!

My weekend was spent with these three girls...
The best friends this girl could ever have!! 
It was a seriously wonderful weekend
with family!!!

Oh, and enjoy this lovely video made by my very 
talented, beautiful sister starring myself and 
my other gorgeous sister!
You're welcome!

How was your weekend lovelies?


  1. O.O Where are those canister of colored balls? And are those truffles?? Oh wow! Who's kitty? That kitty looks just like mine. Love your video. =)

    1. The canisters are candy!!! YUM! No truffles! :)That's my mom's kitty Matey, he's very old and we love each other! Lol. Hes a silly old guy. Thx!

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