Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Two good things Tuesday...

The 30 Day Self-Portrait Challenge
 with A Beautiful Mess

I love this idea. And no, it's not just
because I am a fan of the selfie. It's 
also because it's a fun way to challenge 
yourself to find new and fun ways to
take pictures and learn more about 
picture taking in general. You can still
join in on the fun here. Don't forget to 
comment with how they can follow you so 
you can be entered to win one of their 
awesome books, autographed! You can follow
my challenge here! Happy Selfie taking!!

Melaleuca Classic Cinnamon Tooth
My mom gave me a tube of this stuff this 
weekend to try out. WOW! I love it! It
makes my teeth feel so smooth and clean
and I LOVE the flavor. It's a little high 
priced for me so I think I will just use it
 every couple of days or mooch off my momma...
but seriously, it's awesome and you can grab
 a tube here!

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I like the selfie challenge idea. Im mot good at taking my own pics tho so no go for me but cant wait to see yours. :)