Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On writing love letters...

Me and the blonde boy were enjoying
a walk down memory lane yesterday. 
We read letter after letter I had
written him. I used to practically 
write him a letter every single day.
Some complaining, others complaining,
did I mention the ones where I was 
complaining? But they were also 
chalk full or rather lead/ink full
of love. 

I came to the conclusion, that some 
good things are lost as technology
 keeps moving us towards "easier" ways
to do things. I was a writer, I wrote, 
with my soul and with my heart. I 
am busy, I write now only with my 
thumbs on my chosen technology. I
text with purpose and with slang. 
I text quickly and with wit, I suppose.
But the gentleness of time taken,
hand aching, and heart spilling
onto paper is lost.
All of this to say. I think I 
can make this into a best of both 
worlds scenario. Watch out husband,
I'm about to start writing you love 
letters, on paper. But I will 
still text you an exuberant amount 
of times throughout the day. 
Just to say...

Or complain...
Maybe both...


  1. :) I write Jonathan love letters from time to time. It's fun!

    1. I agree! How stupid that I got out of the habit!! Def going to start that back up again! He loves it!