Monday, July 29, 2013

This weekend...

Oh my goodness this weekend was awesome!
This was one of the best, most relaxing
weekends we have had in what feels like
forever!! We watched a few Redbox movies,
I did a quick photo shoot, we had coffee
 and breakfast on the patio (my fav), we 
spent some time with great people, we ate
 baked spaghetti for the first time (well, 
it was my first time), I got an early 
birthday present or two, and we finally 
saw Despicable Me 2!! It did not 


A few pics the hubby took during my shoot
on a beautiful, cool but sunny Saturday

Gosh, my hubby is the best!

The most important part of the weekend was 
Sunday and that's because as of Sunday, me 
and that blonde boy have been together for...
That's right folks...11 years! Cant wait for 
say...70 or 80 more!!! 

How was your weekend?

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