Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two good things Tuesday...

Skin edition...
(or maybe Neutrogena edition...)

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne 
Eliminating Spot Gel
I kind of adore this stuff. I use it
right when one of those ugly pimples
literally rears it's ugly head! It 
doesn't make it magically disappear 
but it does drastically lower the
chances of those babies breaking
through my skin. A lot of them slowly
go back down and disappear after 
several uses which to me is much 
better than them getting to the 
point where you have to pop them 
due to the disgusting, huge, white
 head waving to everyone you pass.
(sorry for the picture that is 
probably in your mind riiiigghht
now )

Neutrogena Body Clear
 Body Scrub

I have always used this on my back to clear
away any unsightly bacne as I like to call
 it. It's also super awesome as a scrub for 
under my arms to get rid of any stubborn 
deodorant that has decided it wants to stay 
forever, right before I shave. We have also 
seen it do some serious work on heat bumps. 
Plus it leaves your skin super soft!
It's kinda awesome. Try it! 

Happy Tuesday to ya! 
*Not a sponsored post*

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