Thursday, August 1, 2013

3 more days of twenty six...

Oh, twenty-six, 26, veintiseis.

(25 year old me-the day before I turned 26)

You. Were. Weird.
You were so far from being my favorite year,
but a year where I learned so much.
Where I learned more about who I am and who
I want to be. (still working on that one)
I learned about how I handle situations for
the good and for the bad. 
I fell more in love with that blonde boy than 
I ever thought humanly possible. 
I grew up some, and no, I don't mean like when 
you turn 16 and you think you grew up some. My
mom has always told me I was born 40, I've got 
to be 80 or 90 by now!
I found out the world is broken and that I have
to hold on to my sense of positivity the Lord 
has blessed me with, with all I have.
You were the year I was officially no longer 
in my mid-twenties, so 26 to 27 should be a
I started this here little blog...I love this
 place you guys!
This year 3 became 4.
You were one of the years I did something I'll 
always be proud of.
This year I became more infuriated but am so
 much more in love with that little Leo dog. 
The year my grumps went to be with the Lord.
This year a quiet friendship became a soul 
An OK apartment changed to a lovely little
 home for us Coble's.

It was a year of first's and last's and 
everything in between. Just like every year
 I guess.
 Come on 27, I'll see you bright 
and early Sunday morning!