Friday, August 2, 2013

A wrinkled skirt and new shoes...

Remember when I talked about chambray and white
jeans here? Well I still haven't found a pair of
white jeans that I love or was willing to put
the money down for. But while shopping in one
of my best friends donation piles, I did find
this gorgeous white H&M skirt! Score!! Thanks
friend! So I paired it with my thinnest 
"chambray" since it was a whopping 99 degrees
 outside. With my brand new TOMS Zebra Zag Wedge
 my hunny picked up for me! I love them! 
I think this came out great and once I looked 
at Robyn's blog this morning, I was feeling 
pretty good about my choice here! 

Yay!! It's FRIDAY!!
And Birthday Weekend!!

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