Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ketchup Catch up...

You guys!!! Birthday weekend was a hit!
 It was a blast! It was incredible!! I've
run out of excitable words to explain 
the happiness and love I felt this 
weekend thanks to that blonde boy 
and all of our wonderful friends
and family! Thank you for all the
gifts, love and thoughts!! 

Friday after being showered with sweet 
gifts at work, I went on a solo shopping trip
and to be honest. I had a good time! I tried
 on things I would never spend money on and I
 sent pictures to my big sis for her opinion.
 Then did the opposite...isn't that just 
like a little sister? 

Saturday we got up and had a lovely 
cup of coffee and I did some cleaning,
then I went to pick up my gift from
my momma and Ricky at the apartment
office where I also grabbed a yummy 
omelet with extra cheese at the 
resident brunch because what self
respecting person can pass up a 
made to order, free omelet? Not
this girl...that's for sure! Then
we got ready, met some good people
with Nothing Bundt Cakes in hand for 
some Rusty Taco and then we commenced 
the swimming!!

Sunday- Church, lunch with good people and 
a loooong nap! A free Birthday bowl for 
dinner, a walk and lots of kisses! The 
perfect ending to an amazing, beautiful,
 blessed weekend!!

 27 is going to be a lovely year!!

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