Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mascara Talk...

So I used to use ALMAY Mascara
because it's hypoallergenic which
my itchy eyes require. I liked it
but I never loved it, It wasn't very
intense color wise and didn't really 
do much in the thickening department.
So one day about two years ago while
 browsing Sephora, I decided to ask 
the sales girl which was her favorite
mascara. Well lucky me if she wasn't 
just an expert on mascara and even 
gave me two good sized samples to try.

One of those has become my normal,
favorite mascara. Buxom Lash! I love
the stuff. It goes on thick but not 
clumpy, it doesn't flake and best of
all it doesn't bother my eyes one bit!
I've also noticed my eyelashes don't 
even try to stick together, it might be
the awesome wand!
(Find it here)
I received a sample size of Urban Decay's 
Supercurl Curling Mascara with a 
Sephora order around Christmas. What I like
 about this tube is the pigmentation is more 
intense than any other ones I've tried, it 
comes with a hard short haired (plastic) 
wand. It seemed a little scary at first 
but I really like how thick and curly my
 lashes look when I'm wearing it! Definitely 
my second favorite mascara! 
(Find it here)
 Now, about this Benefit they're Real 
Mascara. It's one I just received a 
sample of from Sephora in my Beauty 
Insider's Birthday gift! This one 
manages to make my lashes look even 
longer than they already are! My eyes 
were a bit itchy the first day but
maybe that was allergies because it has
been smooth sailing today! I do have
to say that the wand is absolutely 
terrifying upon first glance. I mean 
seriously it resembles some sort of
 torture weapon. I suggest carefully 
applying this one, but I think it does
wonders for my bottom lashes, nicely 
separated and coated evenly! This one
won't soon become my go to but is 
definitely great back up!
(Find it here)

What is your favorite?
Have you tried any of these?
Opinions? Questions? Suggestions?
All welcome here! 

*As always not sponsored, just my opinions*
P.S. Did anyone else notice I might have a Sephora problem?

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