Thursday, August 8, 2013

Let the sunshine in...

Sometimes we're a little bit broken, a little 
bit jaded, a little bit naive, and sometimes
 we're a little bit overshadowed by the 
darkness. Sometimes we let the shadows do
 what shadows do, they take over, like 
clouds, they take away the pretty sunshine.

But the pretty sunshine is still there once
the clouds move, sometimes the darkness is
broken by a stunning stream of light,
sometimes we are naive and with it 
we make mistakes, but maybe it's just 
God's way of teaching us something new, 
something for the future. Sometimes when our
hearts become jaded, it's the world's way
 of saying, "it's time for a change", and when
 we feel a little bit broken, that doesn't mean
 we will break, it just means we will need
 to stretch a little further in the direction
 of love and positivity to put us back 
together again.


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