Thursday, August 15, 2013

Things change...

When did I become a clothes snob?
When did I start liking chocolate?

The important questions in life of course are 
those that involve clothing and chocolate. But
for serious when did I grow up? When did Harajuku
Lovers, t-shirts and boot cut jeans become leather
bags and blouses and maxi skirts? When did "um, 
no thank you, I don't like chocolate" become 
"sure, chocolate sounds yummy!"?

Is it possible that like our taste buds which 
supposedly change every 7 years, our likes and
dislikes in something as trivial as clothing
 do also? Over the last 26 years, I've been
a boring pre-teen, I've been a goth/cheerleader
teenager, I've been a laid back wear what makes
you happy adult and I've recently been a wear 
what makes you happy but is also trendy because
I read too many blogs and I want everything 
these lovely ladies wear adult! But really I
 do, didn't you know? 

Anyways, I'm kind of enjoying watching myself
evolve. Standing in my closet daily hoping 
something already hanging in there will spark 
my excitement like the many things I pine for.
I'm happy to say I've been learning how to 
wear what I already own, but better! And
adding a few new pieces here and there
when I can! I think that's my favorite 
thing about reading other blogs.

Cheers to change!!

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