Friday, August 16, 2013

Seasons and such...

So, I'm not really one of those sticklers 
about only wearing shoes in the correct seasons.
However, in Dallas, it's just too dang hot to wear 
my favorite boots or jeans mostly at all. I'm 
almost strictly in denim shorts and flip flops
or TOMs the whole summer other than a flowy dress
 here or there. But gosh, I cannot wait for it
 to be cool enough to wear boots and jeans and 
cardis, oh my!! Not that I'm over here wishing
 for Winter because If you know me at all, I'm 
never wishing for winter. I found these pictures 
on the camera from around last Christmas. I'm 
fairly sure I was one notch below completely 
frozen while we were taking these, but look,
NO SNOW!!! :) That's one of the main reasons 
I like living where I do, no 17 inches of
snow for me!(yea I'm talking to you Amarillo!)

Wow. That last one is incredibly dramatic
with the hair over the face and the fierce 
pose. I apologize. :)

Happy Friday Friends!!
Hope the weather treats you well this weekend!

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