Monday, August 26, 2013

This weekend...

Date night happened Friday, which was 
sitting on the patio at Chipotle with my 
love. Gosh how I love Chipotle, didn't
 you know? It wouldn't have been as good
without the best company this girl could 
ask for! Thanks for date night darling.

Saturday was lazy, lazy, lazy! I just
didn't even really get out of that bed 
until 2 o'clock. I mean I got up and 
had breakfast and snuggled back in, 
got up, took a shower, ended up in 
that bed one more time. Then I finally
got ready! For a SAMs pizza date you
know. The only kind that could talk
me out of my apartment at all! Then 
we had a very relaxed evening with 
good company and delicious food!!! 

Sunday, church first. Then I went on 
a hunt for these sandals I spied 
originally at Target and then at
EXPRESS, but now, they are nowhere
 to be found. (Well in a 9 1/2 I

Anyone see any like this, let me know! I
 want and I want bad!!! :)
*Still have these for sale if anyone is 
interested! Just REDUCED!

Anyways, this happened too!

Oh, that blonde boy. That smile and those
hazel eyes just melt me. Every time. ♥

Do you love the floating head illusion? 
Totally on accident, but genius if I do 
say so myself, pat on the back Coble's, 
pat on the back.

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