Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two good things Tuesday...

If my biceps had socks, they would have
been rocked by this workout. Did I just 
say that? Yea, I did. But seriously, I
had to change it up based on what was
available in my apartment gym, but I made
it work and boy did it work!! Ouch! :) 
She has only posted a few so far, but 
there's supposed to be more coming! 

The price on several TV on DVDs at
your local Walmart! We were grocery 
shopping the other night when I saw
this massive display of One Tree Hill, 
The League, Bones and more all at a $14.96
price point. I will say not every season
of each of these was on sale but a good 
amount of them were! Cant wait for some
 extra money, I just need season 8 and 9 of
One Tree Hill to finally complete my 
collection! Go check it out for yourself,
 I'm always one for sharing a good deal! 

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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