Thursday, September 5, 2013

Baby hairs galore...

I'd like to say my static baby hair
issues are due to the fact that I wash
my hair too much, eeeeeeeehhhhhh, not it. 
I have the dirtiest hair. I wash about 
twice a week! Does wonders for the ends
and styling! I'd like to say that it's
because I'm not kind to my mane, that
it's my own fault, but you guys, I don't
wash too much, I don't use too much 
product and I let my hair air dry 
whenever possible. I use leave in
conditioners, oils and heat protectors.
I've decided I'm just going to be 
grateful for my always sprouting 
scalp. I will fight you whenever 
and with whatever treatments possible
 to calm you my baby hairs, but I will
 be kind to you. 

I chose this picture for two reasons.

1. My baby hairs are in full swing here 
you guys.
2. Um, how stinkin cute is the blonde boy's
fake smile? He hates when I take pictures,
so naturally I want to take them 24/7. Thank
you my love for always obliging. ♥

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