Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Want it Wednesday...

Some beauties I've been browsing...


1. This Rancher hat for Target looks gorgeous on
Robyn, definitely made me want to try it for myself. 
2. I tried on these babies at The Sunglass Hut Outlet
and fell in love!!! Once I get Lasik, these are at 
the top of my list!

3. I really need to update my jean collection, don't
get me wrong, I have plenty of jeans, they just 
aren't my style anymore or are too big. Don't 
worry, (I'm talking to you mom)I didn't lose any
 weight or anything, I'm quite sure they never 
actually did fit. 
4. Doesn't this shirt look divine? Looks comfy and
soft and it lays just right! Need!

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