Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This weekend was all good things...

My momma and my Ricky spent the whole Holiday
weekend with little ole' me and the blonde boy. We 
were so blessed to be around family on a
short holiday, doesn't happen much for us Coble's.
Can you believe that I never took a darn picture
the whole 3 days? Dangit Annie!! This is literally
the only picture of us I took all weekend. Enjoy 
this photo of our TOMs addiction and matching-ness.
 You're Welcome...Obviously.

The only other pictures I took were of us waiting
at the airport for them to come walking down the
longest corridor you have ever seen. 

Wow. Exciting stuff. Good Posture. I know. 

We had the best time this weekend! I hope 
your long weekend was beautiful!!! And if
 you had to work, I hope you made 
ridiculous bank! 

Cheers to a short work week!!

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