Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A very crazy weekend...

It was one of those weekends that just didn't quit. 
But in all good ways, you know what I mean? It was 
that seriously good kind of exhausted when Sunday
rolled around.

Friday was a pizza/coffee date with some good 
buddies! Followed by a 10:30 showing of Carrie
because expiration dates on Groupons and such.
And man, I was on a roll because once the movie 
ended which neither scared me nor lullabied me 
to sleep was over, I went home and cleaned my
 apartment. Maybe too much coffee hmmm? My head
hit the pillow at exactly 2:12 in the morning.
Then I went to sleep for a little over 4 hours 
to which I was violently awakened by my mean ole'
alarm clock telling me to get up and get ready
for a wedding shower! A lovely wedding shower!

 In the meantime, the blonde boy was picking up
this guy ▼ from the airport so we could get our 

This is us standing in one of three long lines we
stood in that day. We are #linestanders

 Openers were HelloGoodbye and METRIC, both
were seriously amazing!! So much talent that night!!
Enjoy some more cruddy iPhone pics as you've come to
expect from me. ♥

Oh my gosh! What an amazing night! My legs and feet
were screaming by the time we got to the car! The
blonde boy is super cool so he just looked cool
while Syd and I danced and jumped and sang at the
top of our lungs!!! 

You can also see a few videos I took here,
here and here!

Here's to PARAMORE and to super cool
 cousins and husbands who call you a

P.s. It's my daddy's birthday today!!! Although
he will tell you it's been since last Friday, but 
it's most definitely today!

Happy Birthday daddy! Love you!!

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