Friday, October 25, 2013

That top, Katy Perry and a Giveaway....

That top. You know, the one that you always
want to wear but your never quite sure about?
I don't know what it is, but I can never decide
if it looks good. I bought it while on my
 honeymoon (shown below ▼)

Hello short hair! 
Anyways, here's how I usually wear it because
 I can only get away with wearing something that 
short as a dress while on beach vacation!
Skinnies and boots it is!

What do you guys think?

Yesterday the blonde boy took me straight to Best Buy
 after work for the new Katy Perry CD! He's the best!
 It's pretty darn good you guys. It's very different
 from her other albums, you can definitely tell she 
was in a bit of a struggle while writing. It's not 
as campy and danceable as I've come to expect from
 KP.  But darnit, it's good!(with the exception of 
the song that makes me think of Miley Cyrus' We 
Can't Stop, I just can't get with that) Definitely
 a good buy If you were on the fence about it,
 but that's just my opinion! 

On a somewhat related note, CD's are going the way
of cassettes you guys. I'm pretty sad about it. I like
a good physical copy of my music! Can't believe it? 
Go check out the CD selection at Best Buy. It used
to take up half the store, there is now one shelf,
it's not even double sided. Sad revelation. Anyways,
on that note...GIVEAWAY!!! Music related of course! 
Thank you guys for coming back and checking up with 
me here on my little blog! Just a little way of 
saying THANK YOU!! It will run through Next Friday,
 the first of November. Then a winner will be 
randomly chosen by the rafflecopter!
Good Luck! 

P.s. It's my sweet momma's Birthday today!!!
Happy Birthday to the most wonderful mom I could
have ever asked for. I am so thankful for you!
Love you!!

Happy Friday!!