Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I took this test and found out pretty much exactly what I
 already knew. I just didn't know the word for it, its Ambivert 
by the way! I scored pretty close to the middle with a 57. 
An Ambivert is a person who holds characteristics of both
introvert and extrovert personalities. This has always been
 my guess about myself. Although I imagine many people
 would see my modeling photos, my habit of selfies and my
 love for the stage as being 100% extrovert. I love people,
 I love crowds, I even love being the center of attention. 
However, I shudder at the idea of giving a speech, I need
 time alone, time to think, to write, to just exist.

 Where did you land on the test? 

Happy Wednesday!!

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